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“A baby boomer with the heart and soul of a millennial” describes me best. I grew up believing that dedicated, thoughtful people can change the world by working together.

I’m a believer still. In fact, I’m even more committed to the possibility of meaningful change because I’m also a believer in technology. Technology -- from social media to cloud computing -- will allow change to happen.

I graduated from the corporate school of hard knocks and found my footing as an entrepreneur by applying the skills I honed at Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal to the problems of small businesses and nonprofits.

In that corporate past, I was a researcher. I love to ask questions, to gather, synthesize, and analyze information in order to solve problems. It’s not the numbers I love but the information numbers reveal. As a consultant to both nonprofits and for-profits, I gather information so I can find solutions. {midlength version ends here}

I’m a teacher, by nature and  by experience as an adjunct professor of entrepreneurship, as a business plan competition judge and coach, and as a Kauffman Foundation FastTrac GrowthVenture facilitator.

But my passion is that together-we-can-change-the-world thing. With Ventureneer,  I’ve melded it with -- you guessed it -- technology and research.

I’m not inventing the next-big-thing or eliminating social problems. I’m leveraging my experience to help those who do. 


Geri is available to speak at your event. Here is a list of events she has spoken at.