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Entrepreneurs: A Work in Progress
Evidence shows that education improves an entrepreneur's chance of success. An educated entrepreneur is a more effective entrepreneur.

Because education is so important to the success of an enterprise, universities, colleges, and community colleges have expanded their entrepreneurial coursework. In 1975 only 100 schools offered entrepreneurship programs; 800 such programs were offered in 2009, according to Entrepreneur Magazine.
Research has found that, on average, emerging companies owned by or employing graduates of entrepreneurship programs had more than five times the sales and employment growth of those employing non-entrepreneurship graduates. The research was funded by the Kaufman Foundation, which advances entrepreneurship through education, research, and advocacy.
Knowledge acquired in an MBA program can make a big difference for a small company but owners of small businesses find it especially difficult to balance school with the around-the-clock demands of running a business and maintaining a personal life. Smaller businesses are also less able to afford MBA programs, which can cost more than $100,000.
Typically, small businesses spend only $1,000 per employee for training, according to Bersin, a research firm specializing in enterprise learning.
Technology: The Missing Link
By combining high-quality instruction with Web 2.0 accessibility, Ventureneer eliminates the barriers that separate entrepreneurs from the resources they need to succeed.
Lower cost, user-friendly technology allows link Ventureneer's entrepreneur online courses to be delivered virtually anywhere, at any time, and at an affordable price. To make Ventureneer’s entrepreneur online courses, also known as virtual courses, even more convenient for busy entrepreneurs, classes range from the brief – one session – to the comprehensive – 12 sessions. Entrepreneurial education is no longer too time-consuming or too costly for the small business owner.
Through Ventureneer’s entrepreneur online courses, you will learn concepts and theories in your own way and at your own pace. Do you learn better by listening, by reading or by “doing?” Vcourses use all three methods.
Just as important, Vcourses expand your networking base. Not only can you ask questions during class but instructors and other small business owners are available via discussion groups, phone, and email. You get to know and learn from peers throughout the nation and the world.
Ventureneer's entrepreneur online courses are highly interactive, practical, and hands-on. Vcourses are a mix of lectures, peer exchanges, conversations with thought-leaders, and panel discussions. They cover a broad array of topics, such as:
  • innovative strategies and business models
  • unique approaches to serving customers
  • new models of innovation
  • effective leadership
  • teamwork
  • techniques to help grow your business
In a world changing so quickly that textbooks are almost out of date by the time they hit the shelves, Ventureneer's Web 2.0 approach to learning keeps its students up to date with what’s cutting edge, fresh and dynamic in the business world.