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Debra Brown


Debra Brown is the Co-Founder and COO of MobilizeUs, a social enterprise that provides organizations with affordable and effective text messaging. mobile marketing, and text to donate services. Debra also has over ten years of experience in nonprofit fundraising, and has worked with many organizations to develop and grow their grassroots fundraising programs. Currently, she is the project coordinator of the Colorado Community Organizers Collaborative Grassroots Fundraising Project. Through this role, Debra has helped eight organizations including 9to5 National Association of Working Women, the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, Colorado Progressive Coalition, and Padres & Jovenes/Parent and Youth United diversify their revenue sources. Mrs. Brown graduated Summa cum Laude from the University of Arizona with a degree in political science.
MobilizeUsMobilizeUs is a social enterprise provides easy to use, affordable, and effective group text messaging, mobile marketing and text to donate services. MobilizeUs specializes in helping social change and human service nonprofits, unions, schools, religious organizations, sports teams, and local businesses create customized texting programs that meet their organizations’ specific needs.


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