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Nonprofit Board Membership Requires Time And Commitment

Last month, 100 industry leaders from various sectors made a commitment to give more than money to nonprofits. They promised to give their time and expertise. They promised to serve on a nonprofit board for at least one full year.

Believe It Or Not: USPS Is A Green Giant

Who knew? “Green” stamps are no longer the pre-historic version of “reward points.” Does anyone out there remember licking those endless little stamps and pasting them into that  little book?

No matter. That’s so yesterday. Today the US Postal Service has another kind of “green” stamps, a page of 16 stamps, each with  an idea for reducing your environmental impact. These are “forever” stamps, too, which means they are evergreen as well: You can use them even after the next rate hike.

Social Media for Your Nonprofit: Take Charge!

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Whatever the goal of your nonprofit – raising awareness of your organization’s mission, generating funds and letters to public officials or finding board members – social media can help. But you need to use the right social medium for each purpose. And you need to use it correctly.

Social Enterprise is Good for Your Health

Some people know what matters. And, I’m happy to say, there are a lot of them. The Unreasonable Institute just announced the top social enterprises competing for funding by the Institute and noted that there were so many good applicants that the process of whittling them down had been arduous.

What Every Nonprofit Ought to Know About Using Baby Boomer Volunteers

Don’t miss out: Insights about how to build capacity by building your volunteer program.

All that talent, all that energy, all those ideas … yet many nonprofits shy away from Baby Boomer volunteers. It’s a huge resource being wasted.

Payment Terms Raise Ethical Questions

It isn’t funny, even if Stephen Colbert can make you laugh about it.

Entrepreneurs Give More Time and Money to Charitable Causes

Why am I not surprised?

Entrepreneurs – CEOs/founders of businesses – believe that philanthropy makes their companies more successful, according to a report just released by the Fidelity Gift Fund.

Wasted Nonprofit Resource: Human Experience, Well-Honed Skills

A group of retired and semi-retired professional women – lawyers, teachers, corporate execs, etc. – was inspired to do something concrete and useful to better the status of women. After much research, they were surprised to learn that sex trafficking is alive and rampant in their home city, New York. Reducing that become their focus, with ideas ranging from advocacy to picketing publications that thrive on sex ads. They were rarin’ to go.

Learn From Micro-credit Mistakes: Grow Wisely

With the Social Impact Exchange Conference coming soon, I want to keep the focus on scaling well rather than just getting bigger. As I wrote before, the micro-credit industry provides examples of the good and the bad of growth and private-sector investment in nonprofits as well as a fine example of sharing lessons learned.

An Hour In The Dark to See The Light: What Can Your Business Do for Planet Earth?

A rolling, self-imposed brown-out, called Earth Hour – between 8:30 and 9:30 your time on March 26 – is meant to remind us all that we are the future of the environment … and the future is now. Don’t just turn off your lights and sit in the dark for an hour. Think! Then post your ongoing commitment to the Earth at Beyond the Hour.

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