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3 Easy Ways to Find Work-Life Balance

Trying to keep up with a hectic work schedule and a growing family? Note to female entrepreneurs: Here's how to start on a path to balance.

“Outside the Box” Marketing Reaps Big Rewards on a Small Budget

I’m sure you are all aware that the cost of advertising is just plain…well…outrageous. Placing ads in magazines, newspapers, and on the radio can cut deep into a business owner’s pocketbook. So what are small- to medium-sized businesses supposed to do? You sure can’t compete against the advertising budgets of the big guns! And if you try to say, “Why bother advertising or marketing at all?” you risk going completely unnoticed, which could put you out of business.

Women: 5 Ways to Supersize Your Business

Women are starting businesses at a record rate, but the number that break a million in revenues is flat. What's up with that?

Social Enterprises Give Philanthropists a New Way to Do Good

Getting enough cash to carry your business through its start-up years is tough. Family, friends, and credit cards can only stretch so far yet you may be inviting failure if you under-capitalize. Venture capitalists often want businesses that are already revenue positive with fast growth potential, which leaves a lot of entrepreneurs without recourse.

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Good Service Not Only Makes Money, It Saves Money

I’m repeating myself when I say that good customer service can give small businesses an edge. But a new twist has been added to customer service: It’s a way to cut costs.

Social Enterprises and Solving the World's Problems: How Impact Investing Needs to Change

Impact investment suffered a blow to its credibility last week with the news about SKS, the Indian company that took micro-credit from the realm of nonprofits to the stock exchange, has been linked by its own investigations to the suicides of over-extended clients who were allegedly bullied to death by debt collectors.

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Increasing the Financing for Women-Led Businesses

Your startup may be doomed to failure if you under-capitalize it from the get-go, but friends and family can only do so much and venture capitalists are looking for businesses that are more established with huge growth potential. Bridging that financing gap has been especially difficult for women-led businesses and for social enterprises.

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The Misperception That Holds Women Back

Research shows that women exaggerate the skills they need to succeed. For women entrepreneurs, that could be a problem.

3 Ways Women Can Push Through the Glass Ceiling

Jorge Calderon was a venture capitalist who wanted to invest where others weren’t. He found his under-served market: women- and minority-owned businesses.

Only problem was, he couldn’t find entrepreneurs in that niche. He was sure they were there; he just couldn’t find them. So four years ago, he started Springworks to show women and minority innovators how to catch the eye of venture capitalists.

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Am I Dreaming? More Government, Business Support for Small Businesses

How nice it is to see politicians focusing on plans to rev up small businesses and recognizing the importance of small businesses to the economy and to communities. While I can’t predict the outcome , I can certainly cheer the intent.

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