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Geri Stengel, founder and president of Ventureneer

“A baby boomer with the heart and soul of a millennial” describes me best. I grew up believing that dedicated, thoughtful people can change the world by working together.

I’m a believer still. In fact, I’m even more committed to the possibility of meaningful change because I realize that we have a huge, untapped resource: Women! For the last few years, I have researched and written about the challenges women face in the entrepreneurial world and the success factors that help them break through barriers, whether starting or scaling business.

My passion to get women on the radar as leaders of mega-firms led me to write Forget the Glass Ceiling: Build Your Business Without One. Now, I’m embarking on another research project aimed at helping women entrepreneurs get the funding they need through crowdfunding. Never one to for theorizing, I’m going to walk the walk, and undertake the crowdfunding challenge myself. I love hands-on research because it shows the way to solve problems.

I also love collaboration, the keystone of both crowdfunding and entrepreneurial success. It’s why I’ve taught entrepreneurship at The New School, facilitated Kauffman Foundation FastTrac courses for entrepreneurs, researched best practices in social media for businesses, and  founded a company that provides online resources to women who wanted to break through the $1 million revenue level.

I was a board member of the NYC chapter of the National Association of Women Business owners for eight years.

I’m a questioner and a builder, who is passionate about eliminating barriers that slow down the economy.

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