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November 2011

Why LinkedIn Company Pages Matter to Nonprofits Part 1 of 5-part series

By Marc W. Halpert and Colleen McKenna

Editor’s note: “Company Pages” may sound like something only for-profit businesses should care about. But those pages provide valuable visibility to nonprofits as well. On Wednesdays, we’ll be running a five-part guest series on how nonprofits can reap significant benefits from LinkedIn’s Company Pages.

Nonprofits overlook or ignore the easy and obvious marketing opportunity that LinkedIn provides. With LinkedIn your nonprofit can be seen by a potential audience of 135 million+. Do you want to look less than your best to that audience? If not, why is your   organization’s company page incomplete or absent? 

You can probably think of several reasons: 

Nonprofits wrestle with continuous turnover in the development sector and with changes in staffing at lower echelons. Layer on top of those problems the little-to-no time you have to do anything other than mission-critical tasks. Thus, the mere thought of something else to maintain isn’t appealing, BUT that is actually why LinkedIn will be beneficial to you and your organization.

Whether the organization’s pages are used for branding, business development, recruiting, or potential funding/alliances and partnerships, LinkedIn provides a stage on which to show how vital your nonprofit is to its cause, especially when in competition with other nonprofits.

Book Shows Businesses How Social Responsibility Can Improve Profits

Despite what Gordon Gekko of Wall Street fame said, greed isn’t good. Not for the planet, not for communities, and not for the corporate bottom line.

Could Starting a Business Venture Help Your Nonprofit?

The economy being what it is, nonprofits are looking for new revenue sources. Starting a business to fund your good works is one option. This is the first of a 3-part series on evaluating such undertakings and making them work.

How to Keep Nonprofit Employees Happy and Engaged

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Nonprofits do not seem to be providing the essentials their employees want. Of the top 10 organizational characteristics deemed “essential” in the Good NonProfit Job Report by Professionals for Nonprofits, most were not provided by the current employers of respondents.

Putting the Power of LinkedIn to Use for Your Nonprofits

As a nonprofit, you may know what it’s like to be under-appreciated so you may sympathize with LinkedIn. Everyone talks about their Facebook “likes,” and their Twitter followers but not so much about LinkedIn. It’s under-appreciated, too.

LinkedIn is a powerful and versatile social medium. Use its powerful search capability to find and research donors, board members, partners and staff. Then use your connections to make that all important introduction to the people you want to meet or LinkedIn’s InMail features.

Forget Black Friday! Put a Big Green Circle Around Nov. 26, the Real Start of Holiday Shopping

If your shopping plans revolve around mosh pits at the big box stores, you are cheating yourself.

Relax on the day after Thanksgiving. Give up the elbowing crowds at the big stores that have been knocking you eyes out with full page ads.

New Book Gives Solid Advice to Would-Be Entrepreneurs

I just had a long schmooze with Susan Wilson Solovic. Well, actually I didn’t. I read her book, It’s Your Biz, The Complete Guide to Becoming Your Own Boss, and it felt like having a conversation over coffee with a friend.

Free Holiday Marketing for Small Businesses: Have You Signed On Yet?

If your business doesn’t include a Small Business Saturday promotion, you’re missing out. It’s on November 26, the Saturday after Black Friday, a fight-back day for small businesses who want to take back the holidays from the big boxes.

New Models of Philanthropy Will Challenge, Enrich Nonprofits

Last week, I laid out the trends in philanthropy that are forcing foundations and nonprofits to change the way they do business: the economy; the ability and demand to measure impact; generational shifts; and increased emphasis on competition/collaboration.

From Our Survey: How E-commerce and Customer Service Saved a Business

Editor’s note: Yes, we have data! Responses to our Online Marketing Survey are in and we’re crunching the numbers now but to give you a taste of the wisdom we found from all of you who took the survey, here’s one of our case studies.

12 Ways To Make Your Online Fundraising Campaign Stronger

by Farra Trompeter

As a nonprofit fundraiser, this is my favorite time of year. While others make vacation plans, I work with my colleagues to devise exciting integrated fundraising campaigns for nonprofit organizations. 

Study after study shows how most nonprofits see their biggest influx of donations—especially those that come in via email/web/social media—during the last few months, if not days, of the year.

Fellow Big Duck strategist, Rachel Hope Allison, and I have focused on developing online fundraising strategies and campaigns for more than 10 years. With that experience in hand, along with previous training in direct mail and telemarketing programs for nonprofits, we’ve developed a handy list of 12 ingredients for successful multi-channel or integrated fundraising campaigns.