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October 2011

Is Your Nonprofit Ready to Scale? Get a Leg Up with Business Plan Competition

As you know, I am a big fan of business plans for nonprofits so it will come as no surprise when I tell you to check out the Social Impact Exchange’s 2012 Business Plan Competition. The competition gives nonprofits with a proven track record -- that means some impact metrics -- a chance for coaching, money and a place in the funding spotlight. Even if you don’t make it to the final round, you’ll learn a lot along the way.

Employee Engagement Is Key to a Winning Workplace

What’s the secret to increasing revenues and increasing your workforce during hard times? Apparently, it’s having a great relationship with your employees.

Let’s Give Women Entrepreneurs the R-E-S-P-E-C-T and Support They Deserve

I have to agree with Adelaide Lancaster’s blog last week.

Women entrepreneurs don’t get the respect they deserve. They have their own approach to starting and growing businesses and there is nothing wrong with our choices, but I do think we’re not unleashing the full potential of women entrepreneurship.

Bring Back the Magic

Halloween may be the all-time greediest holiday around: “Gimme something or I’ll be bad.”

Changing Investment Strategy Can Solve Problems, Generate Income

Ripples in the investment world are massing into a tidal wave of change in how we finance social good. It is a wave that will encompass investment brokers and philanthropists, venture capitalists and foundations.

It’s More Than Food on Your Plate: It’s a Statement of Your Values

Editor’s note: Blog Action Day is an annual event, a day on which bloggers worldwide focus on one topic. The goal is create discussion around important social issues, ones that impact us all whether we realize it or not: climate change, water, poverty. This year, the topic is food. Sunday, October 16 is World Food Day, dedicated to alleviating hunger. Your choices, your values can help.

Women Entrepreneurs: Under-utilized Drivers of Economic Growth

I thought I saw a problem and a recent report from the Kauffman Foundation confirmed it: Women are under-represented in high-growth, job creating entrepreneurship.

How LinkedIn’s New Profile Section Can Help Nonprofits Fundraise, Find the People They Need

In it’s effort to ramp up nonprofit participation in its services, LinkedIn now has a “Volunteer Experience & Causes” section for your profile page. The idea is that professionals will share information about what causes they care about and their level of engagement with those causes.

Nonprofit Giving Has Changed. Does Your Nonprofit Measure Up?

$23 billion. That’s the decline in giving from 2007 -- the peak giving year -- to 2010.

Does Your Nonprofit Know Where to Recruit Top-Notch Board Members?

Nonprofit, know thyself!

Before bringing on new board members, this is especially important. The need for self-awareness is highlighted by the application process for Palindrome Advisors, a group of entrepreneurs who have pledged to lend their skills to nonprofit boards for at least a year.