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August 2010

How to Make $120-billion Available for Social Entrepreneurs

Really? $120 billion in untapped investment money is available, according to Money for Good research.

If only social entrepreneurs could open the spigot?

Thanks to You, We've Got Data on Social Media!

As some of you know, Ventureneer is into social media big time. We've been cited for our best practices in several books, online and in print.*

What you may not know is that I'm also a research geek, having done market research for The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones, and many small businesses and nonprofits. It's rare that I can combine both passions into one project but Ventureneer, in collaboration with Caliber just fielded a survey about social media habits and best practices among nonprofits.

SIF Debate Generates Transparency, Recommendations for Future

Well, we learned a couple of things about nonprofit funders, grantees, advisors, and critics this week: They are a vocal lot and want to know a lot. Just how vocal can be gleaned from the anthology of blog posts on the subject started by Jeff Raderstrong of Change Charity and expanded by Adin Miller of Adin Miller Consulting.

We also learned that nonprofit activists can make things happen.

How Do We Calculate the Value of a Nonprofit Executive?

The salaries of nonprofit executives have become targets for politicians, from New Jersey to Washington, D.C. The brouhaha is focused on the $1 million benefit package paid to the chief executive of the Boys and Girls Club of America.

The Power of Social Media: The Social Innovation Fund Increases Its Transparency

You know the old adage “What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger?"

When Bad Things Happen to Good Businesses

You can't plan for everything.

Like BP not putting in the right kind of plug on its oil well.

Kyle Berner saw a need and built a company that took into account sustainability, market, community benefit, biodegradability, fair trade, and ethics.

7 Must-Read Books for Small Business Owners, Social Entrepreneurs, Nonprofit Leaders

'Tis the season for book lists and I don't want my readers left out. Rather than conjuring up a reading list based on my own tastes, needs and what I've had time to read, I asked our experts – the professionals who teach our webinars – for recommendations. Looking at this list, I'll have to plan a trip to the beach myself, just to check out these new ideas.

Creative Health Plan Cuts Costs, Protects Employees

"We're fighting for workers rights, for health care. We have to take care of our own staff," said Sondra Youdelman, executive director of Community Voices Heard.

SalesForce Starts With Vision and Values, Ends With Success

I can't think of better guidelines for social entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders, and small business owners than that of Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, a very large, socially responsible business.

As quoted by AP, Benioff describes his philosophy as the V2MOM process. It stands for the vision, the values, the methods, the obstacles and the measures.

Vokashi: Fermenting Food Waste, Eliminating Garbage

Vandra Thorburn went into business for herself later in life – at 62 – motivated by both a cause and being laid off from her job. Necessity is the mother of invention!

What is entrepreneurship?

Risk-taking. Passionate. Problem-solver. 

Investor. Innovator. Business person. 

Juggler. Hard worker. Idea person.

Sales person. Leader. Financial Planner.