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January 2010

It's Not a College Degree That Counts, It's Your Experience

Wow! Having a college degree and an alumni network are not as important to successful entrepreneurs as everyone thought. What really counts is hard work – we knew that – experience, and your professional network. Also not so important: investor advice, alumni networks and government help.

You Can't Be Socially Responsible Without Ethical Standards

A strong sense of ethics is essential to social enterprises, corporate social responsibility, and any business, small or large, that wants the respect and loyalty of their customers. Ethics is an important part of doing well while doing good, so Ventureneer has joined forces with Business Ethics, the Magazine of Corporate Responsibility.

What does 2010 hold for small businesses? That Depends on Who You Believe.

Officially, small business owners can expect good things in 2010:

  • The Small Business Administration has gotten more money for both staff and for loan guarantees with reduced fees.
  • America’s Recovery Capital (ARC) loan program will offer deferred-payment loans of up to $35,000, backed 100 percent by the SBA, to viable small businesses that need help making payments on an existing non-SBA loan.
  • The stimulus includes money for such thing as electronic medical records and the focus is on delivery of medical services. Consultants, IT experts, and hardware/software providers should benefit.
  • The Obama administration has been pressuring banks both large and small to loosen the purse strings.
  • There's some indication, according to Federal Reserve Board stats, that access to credit is just beginning to improve.

Faster, Cheaper Technology Is Key to Small Business Growth in 2010

It looks like my love hate relationship with my computer will only intensify in 2010. New technology and upgrades to old technology mean that more business will be conducted over the Internet. The world has become smaller, markets have become larger and being tech savvy is no longer an option for small business owners or for consumers.

Non Profit Leaders Need to be Nimble and Careful in 2010

It may sound like a platitude, but sometimes those trite sayings your mother always said are true: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. 2010 will be another tough year for nonprofits. Those who help themselves, work smart, and innovate will be ready to grow when funding is available.

Nonprofits Have Become Socially Irresponsible

Nonprofits have been burying a dirty secret and I'm not the only one saying so.

The Power of Peers: A View From a Consummate Pro

Several months ago, Ventureneer undertook a survey that documented the power of peers when small business owners deal with problems. The results were clear: Everybody needs – and wants – support. While survey numbers are great, nothing drives a point home better than an example.

The Definition of Social Responsibility Needs to Encompass Both Our Business and Personal Side

The general term "social responsibility" is defined as the obligation corporations, organizations, and individuals have to society.

These days, the definition of social responsibility seems to include everything from personal health choices so you don't add to the country's health care burden to providing health care benefits to employees.