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October 2009

Scaling Social Impact Solutions

Taking Social Impact to Scale

Does a solution to a social problem really exist if no one knows about it? To the few people served by the organization, yes. However, to the many who could be served, no. Social Impact Exchange (Exchange), a joint effort of  The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Growth Philanthropy Network and Duke University, plans to change all that. 

Social Entrepreneurs Find Business Ideas in Their Own Needs

An idea, a passion, an observation: Any one of these can change your life and, depending on how you handle it, many other lives as well. Take Kyle Berner: He combined his own desire for comfort – flip-flops – with the desire to create social change. Voila! Feelgoodz Flip Flops was born.

Nonprofit Funding Standards Undermine Nonprofits

Why do nonprofit leaders and funders alike continue to shortchange nonprofit organizations? That's the question The Bridgespan Group asked, and answered, in its new report, The Nonprofit Starvation Cycle.

Blog Action Day: What’s Good for Small Businesses and Nonprofits Bottom Line Is Good for the Environment

"Plastic or paper?" We're used to making that choice every time we go to the market, and it's not an easy choice. Do we use everlasting plastic or tree-killing paper? The same kind of choice faces us when we market our products and services: paper or electronic? Do we market with email or snail mail?

Report Shows Nonprofit Leaders How to Make the Most of Financial Infrastructure and Funds

Nonprofit leaders can improve the effectiveness and reliability of fiscal management using tips and examples in a new report, Maximizing Nonprofit Resources in a Challenging Economy, which is based on a survey conducted by Fiscal Management Associates and ERE LLP at the end of 2008.

Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Can Contribute More Than Money to Causes They Support

By serving on the board of a nonprofit, you play a significant role in a cause you care about, whether it is a theater group or a homeless shelter, woman's issues or immigration. Boards have the ability to go beyond helping just one person; they impact the whole agency and, when they’re really successful, the entire community.

For Nonprofit Board Members, Financial Compliance is Good Business and It's the Law

By Michael Davidson, October 05, 2009 

The Form 990 your organization files in 2010 will hold your board accountable for active, documented financial oversight of your organization. Leaders of nonprofits will be required to report on the existence and on the enforcement of policies on:
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Whistle Blower Protection
  • Document Retention and Destruction
  • Executive Compensation
  • Accounting Procedures