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September 2009

Entrepreneurs and Nonprofit Execs Have Style, Learning Style That Is

I talked a bit about learning styles in my recent blog,"A Successful Entrepreneur is a Student Entrepreneur."Let's take a deeper look at that; it's important. To be successful, an entrepreneur or nonprofit leader must keep up with technology, trends, economic fluctuations, etc.

What Entrepreneurs/Nonprofits Execs Need to Succeed

The video is the work of creative director Janet Giampietro, with motion graphics by Gestalters, llc. and audio production by Al Fritsch.

A Successful Entrepreneur Is a Student Entrepreneur

For many, including me, September means back to school. This semester, I’m teaching entrepreneurship at The New School. As I wrapped up my first class, I emphasized a point that I want to share with you – entrepreneurship is a lifelong journey that requires continual learning.

Thriving Nonprofits Rely on Peers and Professionals

No nonprofit will solve a large social problem in isolation. The multiplier effect of pooled resources is critical to success. Collaboration brings together the broad range of resources and expertise needed to achieve lasting solutions.